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The Vi-Concept is simple but effective. Clap – Snap – Wrap is how you do it. Open the flap, close it and tighten it by turning the disc knob. This will give you an completely new skating feeling, total control with perfect fit. 360° Lacing and the full wrap technology make it possible. The shell is stiff and light with a sleek and narrow look and feel, while offering all the comfort you need. The shell is the first and only fitness shell that is not symmetric, but is perfectly shaped and anatomically built to the skaters feet. Moon boots and soft and flimsy skates are past, the Vi-shell is here to take over. It is made out of a special composite compound with carbon and fibreglass mixed into the material. This makes the shell strong and supportive. The Vi-shell also features a 195mm mounting with the Powerslide X-slot, which enables the skater to adjust the frame to the side and to the front and backwards, for the perfectly customized frame-boot position. The bottom is ventilated and incorporates the X design to guarantee torsion stiffness and perfect power transfer for each stride. This is not just an evolution – Vi is a revolution.



The Vi-cuff is light and supportive. It is made out of a special composite compound with added carbon and fibreglass. This makes this slim cuff strong and supportive. The asymmetrical shape of the cuff, which fits perfectly to the shell adds further strength to the construction. The buckle is a clean and stylish fast lock buckle with a new female buckle receptor.



The Vi-Flap is a unique feature no other skate in the market offers. It is made out of a special composite compound with added carbon and fibreglass. This makes the flap strong and supportive. The metal wire of the 360° disc lacing system slips through the channels of the flap and firmly presses the flap towards the foot when the shoe is tightened with the disc knob. The padding under the flap distributes the pressure evenly on the foot and locks the foot perfectly into the shell.



The liner of our Vi-skates is a real masterpiece, one piece only. The Vi-powerlast was created by Sergio Mc Cargo, the No.1 shoemaker in the inline skating world. The liner is fully lasted. It has a perfect shape and fit, wraps around your foot like a sock. The liner can be heat moulded at 80 to 100° in an oven in order to customize the fitting. The liner has a unique 3 layer padding consisting of heat mouldable foams, EVA foam and additional 3-D latex foam in the ankle area for a perfect ankle and heel lock to increase support during every stride. Under the lining we added soft sponge foam for extra comfort and support. On the outside the padding is kept in shape with a special heat mouldable thermo sheet. The tongue is a 3-D shaped one piece construction, shaped to perfection without any wrinkles, twisting or pressure points. Unlike many other tongues of skates this tongue does not move or slip down during skating activities. The liner is light and hand washable. This liner also features a dual density innersole and a carrying strap.




The Atop disc closure device was developed to simplify lacing systems and to provide benefits that are not granted by traditional closure systems:
Simple: Anyone can use it, from kids to adults with just one hand to secure the best possible fit.
2nd Skin Fit: The Atop disc closure system achieves superior comfort and fit with a controlled and balanced closure and avoids any pressure points.
Micro-adjustable: The Atop disc closure system offers the most precise and accurate fit you can get - fine tuning perfection
Low in Weight: The Atop system is light and strong It can not be lighter for the power you get out of it.
Speed Lacing: Easy and fast to put on and off, turn it, tighten it, turn back to open - it could not be easier!
Security: Once dialled in, Atop never loses tension and gives you the security other traditional lacing systems can not offer.
Performance: The Atop II disc closure system provides double the power of any traditional lacing system while being flexible and giving the amount of flex you need for perfect performance.

Easy: The Atop disc closure system offers an easy exchange of wire and parts and is also easy to clean to secure a long lasting performance.


Wheels & Beartings:

The skate features ILQ 9 bearings lubricated with TKG special lubrication. It has serviceable shields, a strong Nylon cage and 8 steel balls, which are honed and finished to perfection to guarantee a perfect and fast roll.

The wheels are 100mm wheels with a strong and unique 6-spoke X-type core, race compound, perfect shape and radius for an excellent and super fast push and stride. Nice amount of PU over the core to take away shocks and vibrations of the roads. Long lasting and high rebound Urethane makes these wheels a great choice for racing and speed skating.



Road Hog speed brake with steel body that can be adjusted to almost every flat sided frame through a special axle system. Comes with a replaceable, longlasting SRB brake pad.


Skates specifications:



The powerlast was developed by world class shoemaker and world class skater Sergio Mc Cargo from Argentina. Possibly the best skating last on the planet, superior in comfort and performance.


360° Lacing

The 360° lacing wraps perfectly around your foot. The foot and heel will be kept in place with no movement and the skate boot fits like a second skin on your feet.


Disc Closure System

Just turn it! The Atop disc closure system is easy and comfortable to use. The disk system allows for a nice snug fit, strong and reliable.


Air Ventilation

The integrated airflow system improves the clima in the shoe which results in a better performance.


Heat Mouldable Liner

High tech foams can be heat moulded at around 80° Celsius. The liner adapts to the individual shape of each skater ́s feet, custom fit for more comfort and performance.


Custom Fit

Countless hours were spent developing our Powerlast by Sergio McCargo. For the highest perfoming, most comfortable last on the market. Avalible in mens, womens, and kids shapes.


3-D Latex Padding

The one piece 3-D latex padding provides a perfect comfort and perfect fit. It is anatomically shaped and adapts perfectly to the skater ́s foot and guarantees perfect heel lock, for a better performance and more comfort.


X-Slot Mounting

The mounting of boot and frame cross like a "X" which enables the skater to customize his boot/frame set up according to his individual preferences without any dead spots.


AL Aluminium

The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc. The 7005 aluminium contains more zinc and has a higher tensile strength than 6000 series Aluminium; important for the strength and rigidity of the frames is the heat treatment.

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