Boots K2 Contour Black

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Categorie: boots (clapari) de snowboard All-Mountain pentru femei

Nivel abilitate: avansat - expert

Constructie: Flex Zone

Liner: Intuition® Control Foam 3D; Internal J Bars; External J Bars

Sistem strangere liner: Boa® Conda

Sistem strangere exterior: H3 Boa® Coiler

Talpa: Vibram® Pro-Light

Flex: mediu-rigid




The Endo construction is based on a urethane endoskeletal structure that focuses boot structure and flex into a single engineered part. The result is a structure that flexes and returns without breaking down when compared to the stitch and glue construction of traditional boots. So you get consistent flex and a boot that returns to a neutral riding position quicker and with more energy, which helps you ride longer.



The patented K2 CONDA System allows you to tighten, loosen or adjust your liner on-the-fly – from outside of the boot! The first time you try this, you'll wonder how you ever rode without it.

How it works: Whether attached to a Boa® reel or part of our K2 Conda™ system, the CONDA minimized harness is securely built into the shell of the boot and tightens around the liner to lock your foot in position. Focus is on the superior ankle support and heel hold. The harness lace is threaded through a floating tongue lace guide, allowing riders to customize fit for maximum comfort.

Flex boot7/10
LacingH3 Boa Coiler

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Boots K2 Contour Black

Boots K2 Contour Black


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