Casca K2 Rival

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Categorie: casca de schi/snowboard pentru barbati


In-Mold (modul premium de construire a castilor de protectie performante; este caracterizat printr-un strat interior de polistiren expandat, EPS, care este turnat si mulat direct pe stratul exterior, foarte usor, de policarbonat)


Passive Channel (o retea de canale de ventilatie, plasate pe suprafata interioara a stratului EPS, polistiren expandat, permite curentilor de aer sa circule in spatiul dintre cap si suprafata interioara a castii; astfel se diminueaza umezeala si caldura in exces)

Liner: Full-Wrap

Reglare si securizare:

360 K2Dialed Fit System (urmasul lui K2Dialed, distribuie mai bine presiunea de fixare pe intreaga suprafata a capului, printr-o retea de strangere si fixare integrata in linerul textil; se elimina astfel zonele de presiune punctiforme de pe suprafata capului)

Casti audio integrate: Nu

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360° K2Dialed Fit System™

An evolution of the K2dialed Fit System™, the new 360 K2dialed Fit System™ delivers unparalleled customization. A web design that is integrated into the textile liner provides maximum comfort and a secure fit. Thanks to more evenly distributed pressure, the all-new 360 K2dialed Fit System™ eliminates unwanted pressure points regardless of your head shape.


In Mold

In-Mold is the premium construction for ultra-lightweight performance helmets and is characterized by an EPS liner that is molded directly to a lightweight polycarbonate shell. The result is a construction so light you’ll forget it is even there.


Passive-Channel Venting™

Channels on the inside surface of the EPS direct air-flow between your head and the helmet, removing moisture and excess heat; keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. Available on all K2 helmets.


Full-Wrap Liner

This full-coverage, washable liner snugly cradles your head, creating the unmatched fit of a K2 helmet. The liner features a crown mesh that wicks moisture and breathes to prevent overheating. The Full-Wrap Liner System is seamlessly integrated with both our standard and 360 K2dialed™ Fit Systems and K2 Baseline Audio, creating the ultimate user experience. There are no gaps, which means a better fit and improved comfort.

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Casca K2 Rival

Casca K2 Rival


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