Puc Street Hockey Green Biscuit Snipe

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Categorie: puc pentru hochei pe asfalt

Se poate folosi pe asfalt, ciment sau orice suprafata rugoasa.

The Green Biscuit Sniper puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop passing, stickhandling, and shooting skills.  The Biscuit weighs about 28 grams less than a hockey puck but with the added friction from the concrete or asphalt it acts just like the real thing on ice.

The Sniper Green Biscuit IS designed for shooting -  it has been engineered to withstand the impacts from shooting.  Your surface doesn't have to be perfect for the green biscuit, but the better the surface the better the performance

Improve your muscle memory and strength from the comfort of your home.  Puck weighs approximately 142 grame.

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Puc Street Hockey Green Biscuit Snipe

Puc Street Hockey Green Biscuit Snipe