Patine K2 Exo 6.1

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Categorie: patine de gheata pentru patinaj fitness, pentru barbati

Cool in design and perfect for skating in circles around the rink or out on the pond, the K2 Exo 6.1 Ice Skates not only will keep your feet and ankles feeling warm and comfortable but you'll have the stability and feel of an inline skate on your feet. 

Complete with Superior Warmth Lining and Stability Cuff, you'll enjoy the scenery on an iced over pond and the sounds of the Stainless Steel Blade shearing into the ice below you. Stylish with a soft boot design and recognized for its comfort and performance, grab a pair of the K2 Exo 6.1 Ice Skates and skate until the Zamboni kicks you off the ice.

Lining Material: Superior Warmth Lining

Recommended Use: Recreational

Blade: Stainless Steel

Skill Range: Beginner - Advanced Intermediate

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Patine K2 Exo 6.1

Patine K2 Exo 6.1

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