Pieptar Hockey Bauer Supreme 150 Junior

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The Bauer Supreme 150 Shoulder Pads are the entry-level shoulders from the Bauer Supreme line this year and are the most affordable option. The Supreme 150 Shoulder Pads use a thermoformed shoulder caps that are reinforced with PU foam and mid-density foam for the rest of the body with key PE inserts in certain areas. The Supreme 150 pads will feature the classic anatomical, Supreme fit that this line is known for, and also offer a hydrophobic mesh liner that is soft and comfortable. Bauer's hook and loop bicep and chest straps work with the removable belly pad for a comfortable, customizable fit!


Shoulder Cap: Thermoformed cap with PU foam
Sternum: HD foam inserts + PE inserts
Front Side Panels: MD foam
Spinal: MD + PE insert
Back Kidney Panels: MD foam
Bicep Guard: Molded thermoformed component
Arch: MD foam
Belly Pad: Removable MD foam

Overall Fit: Anatomical
Arm Strap: Hook and loop closure
Base Body: Multi-segmented design
Liner: Hydrophobic mesh


Size             Age            Height (cm)             Weight (kg)        Chest (cm)
Small           8 - 11         129 - 142                30 - 45                66 - 76
Medium       9 - 12         140 - 152                 35 - 50               71 - 81
Large          11 - 14        150 - 162                40 - 55               76 - 86

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Pieptar Hockey Bauer Supreme 150 Junior

Pieptar Hockey Bauer Supreme 150 Junior