Pieptar Hockey Bauer Nexus 7000 Junior

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The Bauer Nexus N7000 Hockey Shoulder Pads are the entry level shoulder pads for the 2016 Bauer Nexus line. They feature a medium density foam base that's segmented, so as to wrap comfortably around the body in the front and back. The Bauer N7000 shoulders also utilize a lightweight, high density foam sternum guard to protect the center of the chest at the recreational level of play.

In the back, Bauer places a dedicated medium-density foam spine guard with PE inserts running along the center of the back. The Nexus shoulder caps are wider construction for broader coverage and protection. Additionally, they feature a medium density foam insert in the cap, which helps dampen the impact for the wearer and other players on the rink. Beneath the shoulder caps, the N7000 also has molded PE bicep guards for additional arm protection.

Model Number: 1048038
Heritage: Nexus 4000
Level of Play Guideline: Recreational

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Pieptar Hockey Bauer Nexus 7000 Junior

Pieptar Hockey Bauer Nexus 7000 Junior