Pieptar Hochei CCM QuickLite QLT 250 Junior

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Categorie: pieptar de protectie pentru hochei pe gheata, pentru copii

The Quicklite 250 shoulder pads offers a serious value point. The major focus in revamping the pads this year was on breathability and protection. The biggest addition to the 250 is the inclusion of the new DRYfoam Technology. DRYfoam is unique because it's a closed cell foam that inherently absorbs less sweat than alternative foams, and this means it serves as the basis for most of the pad's protection. It also gets some help from EVA Molded Vents, where CCM molded foams into a vented grid pattern, providing structure and breathability. High Density foams provide coverage for key impact areas in the biceps and clavicle, while molded PE is also applied to the sternum for even further impact resistance.



Front base with Dryfoam Technology
PE Molded Caps
EVA Vented Front Base
Molded PE Cap for Bicep
PE integrated molded chest pad for sternum protection

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Pieptar Hochei CCM QuickLite QLT 250 Junior

Pieptar Hochei CCM QuickLite QLT 250 Junior