Role USD Aeon 60 20Y Rachard

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2017 is the 20th anniversary of USD Skates and they're celebrating it big time. They're releasing a highly limited-edition collection of USD AEON skates, resembling some of our most iconic designs as tribute to the most loyal skaters from the past two decades.

The facts again:

  • Unibody construction with lightweight one-piece shell, soulplate and frame
  • 60mm flat frame: counter-sunk wheel cut outs for lowest profile possible, internal reinforcements for increased rigidity, side sliders, 256mm wheel base (size 41 EU), 78mm groove width (size 41 EU), metal spacers.
  • Aeon soulplate: perfectly shaped groove, reduced friction due to offset soul sliders, same width plates for controlled cess slides, optimized plate-frame angle.
  • replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap
  • 2-way rockerable V-Cuff
  • Aeon Shock Absorber
  • MYFIT Dual Fit Skinny Boy liner: 100% heat mouldable, adjustable, anatomical ankle padding with perfect heel lock, thin & stretchable front part, comfortable thick padded ankle part, laceable top part.
  • USD Aeon wheels: 61mm, 90A SHR, flat profile
  • WCD Abec 5 bearings: 7 Freespin chrome steel balls, 2RZ rubber coating, synthetic oil

    When USD decides to design a new skate, you can be sure it will be a game changer.

    Once the decision to create a new aggressive inline skate had been made, we had to be sure that it would stand out from the crowd. We decided to break the rules that have been abided by for the past 14 years, and think outside the box - why does a skate need so much hardware? Is UFS really the best solution?

    For USD, the Aeon would be about performance, the key word in the creative project. We designed an affordable, high performance skate that combines the boot and soulplate (unibody), minimizing hardware and moving you closer to the ground, enabling perfect control while at the same time maximizing the possibilities of larger wheel use with all the benefits of this new, low center of gravity.

    You heard right. This skate is not UFS Compatible. Are we crazy? Consider this:
    UFS was invented as a standard mounting system many years ago and is optimized for a maximum wheel size of 60mm. But since its creation, larger wheels such as 72mm have become popular again, a wheel size that reminds us of the popularity of OG blading roots, allowing better roll while enabling great control and space to grind.
    We are proud to announce that with our new unibody design our boot is actually lower with 72mm wheels than many other skates that use 58mm wheels.

    Remember when USD made the first ever carbon skate for aggressive skaters? We took a risk, and revolutionized the skate industry, and now we’re doing it again. The USD Aeon has been designed from scratch to be affordable while being perfect right out of the box. If you’re worried about not being able to change the frames, complete unibody shells including soulplate and frames will of course be available straight away.

    Of course, the performance of our new skate is not all that we are proud of and we have spared no expense at finding the most comfortable liner we can produce. The Aeon includes a heat-moldable MyFit Skinny Boy custom liner - you could almost call it a second skin, close fitting and stretch-adaptable with very little volume and no pressure points.

    The USD Aeon skate is therefore a one piece, lightweight and comfortable skate with the lowest profile ever made, allowing for a whole new level of advance performance for street skaters worldwide.

    Boot: USD Aeon
    Boot Construction: Hardboot
    Closure: Lacing + Buckle
    Heat Moldable: Liner
    Liner: MYFIT Dual Fit 2nd Skin Liner
    Shockabsorber: Yes
    Cuff: USD Aeon Cuff
    Soulplates: Integrated (Unibody concept)
    Backslideplate: Integrated (Unibody concept)
    Frame: Integrated (Unibody concept)
    Frame type: Flat
    Wheels (outer positions): USD
    Outter Wheels Diameter: 61mm
    Outer wheels hardness: 90A
    Wheels (inner positions): USD
    Inner Wheels Diameter: 61mm
    Inner wheels hardness: 90A
    Bearings: WICKED
    Bearing precision: ABEC 5
    Brake: No
    Weight in size 42: 1,6kg

    Categorie Pentru El
    Clasificare ABEC ABEC 5
    Roți 61mm/90A

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    Role USD Aeon 60 20Y Rachard

    Role USD Aeon 60 20Y Rachard

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